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Marinated olives - garlic, chilli, herbs

V   VG   GF   £3.50


Deep-fried padron peppers - sea-salt, garlic mayonnaise

V   VG    GF   £4.00


Meat Plate - Serrano Gran Reserva, Sobrassada de Mallorca, Chorizo Picante, Montenegro Morcilla, tomato chutney, olive oil toasts





Rosemary bread - extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic

V   VG   £4.50


Catalan Bread - toast, crushed vine tomato, garlic, sea-salt

V   VG   £5.00


Cheese Bread - Catalan bread topped with toasted black truffle goat's cheese & honey drizzles



Serrano Bread - Catalan bread topped with Serrano Gran Reserva




Old Favourites


Haddock Goujons - crisp beer batter, tartare sauce



Halloumi Chips - sweet chilli dipping sauce

V   GF   £7.00


Chicken Dippers - garlic mayonnaise, sticky, sweet chilli dip

GF   £7.50


Deep-Fried Camembert - crisp beer batter, apple chutney

V   £7.50




Duck Leg & Thigh with Pears - nutmeg & paprika spiced, sherry & almond sauce

GF   £9.50


Pork & Morcilla Bombs - panko crumbs, garlic aioli, tomato & oregano sauce

GF   £7.50


Ropa Vieja - paprika spiced pulled beef, green olives, red peppers & capers, torilla wraps, sour cream

GF   £8.00


Pork Belly Pintxos - cumin & fennel rub, quince jelly, brown sugar & chilli glaze, crackling bites

GF   £7.50


Turkey Meatballs - red wine sauce, cranberry relish

GF   £7.50


Pork Spare Ribs - sticky ginger, soy, tomato, garlic

GF   £7.00


Slow-Roasted Lamb with White Beans - chorizo, rosemary, garlic, tomato & thyme

GF   £8.50



Fish & Seafood


Mussels with Serrano Ham & Sherry - tomato, paprika, garlic

GF   £7.50


Peeled Tiger Prawns - chorizo, crushed garlic, butter

GF   £8.50


Salmon with Arroz Verde (green rice) - bomba rice, basil, coriander, garlic, toasted flaked almonds

GF   £8.50


Stuffed Sardines - marinatred red pepper, green olives, sun-dried tomato, chorizo & Manchego

GF   £8.00


Prawn Croquetas - panko crumbs, saffron & garlic aioli






Gobi Manchurian - cauliflower florets, sticky chilli & ginger sauce

V   VG   GF   £6.50


Estofado Chickpeas & Spinach - tomato, cayenne, cumin, garlic, melting cheddar toasts

V   VG   £7.00

(for vegan diets, extra virgin olive oil toasts)


Arroz Verde (green rice) with Chestnut Mushrooms - bomba rice, basil, coriander, toasted flaked almonds

V   VG   GF   £7.00


Leek Croquetas - panko crumbs, tomato & basil sauce, garlic aioli

V   £7.00





Hand-Cut Chips - garlic mayonnaise

VG   GF   £3.50


Patatas Bravas - spicy tomato sauce, garlic mayonnaise

VG   GF   £5.00


Rocket Salad - tomato, red onion, extra virgin olive oil, & balsamic 

VG   GF   £4.00



Something Sweet


Churros - sugar, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice-cream

V   £5.25


Basque Cheesecake - sangria berries, syrup, fresh cream

V   GF   £5.25


Petit Dessert - vanilla ice-cream, Tia Maria liqueur, nuts

VG   GF   £5.50


Handmade Chocolate Truffle - chocolate, cream & brandy ganache, crisp chocolate coating

V   GF   per truffle   £1.00





Manchego - 12-month aged Manchego, spiced tomato chutney, quince jelly, rosemary crackers




Cocktail Digestifs

Chocolatini - vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur, Bailey's

GF   £8.00


Mexican Coffee - Kahlua, tequila, espresso, squirty cream

V   GF   £8.00V   GF   £8.00


Dirty Mint - chocolate liqueur, Bailey's, creme de menthe

V   GF   £8.00


Espresso Martini - vodka, kahlua, espresso

V   GF   £8.00



Coffees & Teas


Cappuccino, Latte, Americano

V   GF   £3.00


Double Espresso

VG   GF   £2.50


Irish, Bailey's & Tia Maria Coffee

V   GF   £7.00


English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint & Decaffeinated Tea

V   GF   £2.50







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The Bar and Tapas is an Aux Delices company