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Marinated pitted olives

VG   GF   £3.50


Rosemary focaccia bread, extra virgin olive oil & balsamic

V   GF*   £4.00


Tomato, garlic & basil bruschetta

VG   £4.50


Red pepper hummus, olive oil toasts

VG   £4.00






Haddock goujons - crisp Fish Shop beer batter, caper & lemon tartare sauce


Moules Marinieres - fresh mussels in white wine, cream & garlic sauce

GF   £6.50


Seared Shetland King scallops, Parma ham & pea puree

GF   £10.00


Seafood Provencale - salmon, haddock, King scallop & peeled tiger prawns with tomato, white wine, olive, garlic & basil sauce
GF   £9.50


Sauteed peeled tiger prawns & chorizo, garlic butter, virgin olive oil & lemon juice

GF   £9.00



Mejadra - spiced basmati & lentils, cranberries, crispy onions, toasted pine-nuts & pomegranate molasses

VG   GF   £6.50


Butternut squash, pecan & coriander falafels with tomato & green chilli chutney

VG   GF   £6.50


Grilled halloumi, rocket & sweet chilli sauce for dipping

V   GF   £7.00


Gobi Manchurian - crispy cauliflower in a sticky spring onion, ginger, garlic & chilli sauce

VG   GF   £6.50


Goat's cheese & sun-dried tomato bombs, black pepper & basil crumbs, tomato pesto

V   GF   £7.00



Chicken & baby spinach curry with tomatoes, coriander, garlic & chilli

GF   £8.00


Pork & beef meatballs with paprika & cumin in tomato sauce with red wine, red peppers
& crushed garlic, topped with melting mozzarella cheese
GF   £7.50


Spring Roll - shredded duck, spring onion & beansprouts with plum, soy & honey sauce



Slow roasted, shredded lamb, rosemary, crumbled feta, pomegranate molasses & crispy onions

GF   £8.00


Pork Fabada - slow braised pork, spicy chorizo, butter beans, cannnellini, paprika & saffron

GF   £8.00


Dippers & Dips - crumbed chicken fingers with garlic mayonnaise & sweet chilli sauce



6-hour slow braised belly pork, oregano, chilli & orange marinade, caramelised Braeburn apple & crispy crackling

GF   £7.50


Medallions of rump steak, cracked black pepper & cream sauce, Parmentier potatoes, crispy onions
GF   £11.00



Side Dishes


Twice fried, hand-cut chips

VG   GF*   £3.00


Mixed leaf, tomato & red onion salad

VG   GF   £3.50


Patatas bravas, garlic mayonnaise

VG*   GF   £4.50


Spiced potato fritters wiith rocket & green chilli aioli

V   GF   £5.00




GF* = gluten free on request    VG* = vegan on request











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The Bar and Tapas is an Aux Delices company